Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Evil Electronics

There were five kids in my house growing up.  We did not have a nintendo, and my dad swore we never would.  I always assumed it was because my parents couldn't afford to spoil us with luxury electronic items.  Now, as a parent, I understand why he forbade electronic games.  It's because they are evil. 

I was reminded of this as my two boys and I ate lunch with a friend today, along with her two boys.  One of her sons brought along his Nintendo DS.  My children do not own a DS.  Not because we can't afford one. It's because I don't like who they become when in the presence of these games.  One second they are my sweet, obedient, thoughtful children.  As soon as the evil DS is introduced, they become selfish, whiney little brats who do not hear a word I am saying.  It is infuriating!

At lunch today, my youngest son fell under the spell of his friend's DS.  He was almost in tears when he was forced to put the game away so he could actually eat his food.  He wolfed down his hot dog in record time, and pushed away his fries, thinking he would then be able to continue his game.  He was literally broken-hearted when I told him that was not the case.  I made him finish his meal.  Of course, then all the other boys wanted a turn at playing.  So he sulked while impatiently waiting to play again.  When it came his turn, it was time to go.  He didn't get to play again.  So I am now officially the worst mother in the world.  All because of a stupid game.

They do get this obsession honestly.  I wanted so much to enforce the "no-electronic-games rule" as my father did.  BUT I gave in to allowing a Wii in our house.  Not simply to pacify my children, but moreso to spoil my husband.  Unlike me, he grew up playing the Nintendo.  So I knew he would LOVE the Wii.  We've had the game system for two years.  Our house has never been the same.  That evil Wii is a prominient source of my frazzled nerves.  First thing in the morning, it's "Mommy, can we play the Wii?"  After lunch, it's "Mommy, can we play the Wii?"  As soon as Keith gets home, "Mommy, can we play the Wii with Daddy?"  Then when they are given permission to play, they get so worked up over winning and losing, that I can't stand to be in the same room.  All three of them, my husband included, yell at the television, complaining about what went wrong during the game. 

So...  I finally figured out a way to overcome the evil electronics.  Ha! Ha! Ha! 

I suggested my husband and children fast from the Wii during Lent, except for on weekends.  This would be a huge sacrifice on their part, and it would bring me such joy to not have to hear about the Wii every waking minute of every day.  Surprisingly, they took me up on it.  One week in, I've convinced myself that I am a genius.  Score one for Mommy!  If I'd only thought of it before...   

Of course, my husband then insisted that he choose what I fast from during Lent.  He first said Dr. Pepper, which I adamantly refused.  I knew what the next suggestion would be, and I knew it would be equivalent to what they've agreed to give up.  So, starting last Wednesday, for the next forty days, I will not be watching The Young and the Restless.  Score one for Keith...  :p